Bride and Groom Embrace and Kiss
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Kortright Centre Wedding

Bride and Groom Embrace and Kiss at Kortright Centre Wedding

During the many special days I documented at Kortright Centre had the pleasure of meeting many couples, each of them with their own personality. This bride and groom were by far the most emotional of all.

Forms of Love

According to love theorists, there are several ways in which couples manifest their attraction to each other. First, gifts are a way of showing your partner would you feel for her. Next, dedicating time to attend to their needs, continues support, doing useful things for the other and finally, physical touch.

As a Toronto wedding photographer, the latter is my most favourite as its results in beautiful photography. Sure, sometimes the bride and groom exchange gifts on their wedding day but that is rather the exception than the rule. However, invariably, couples always embrace each other and kiss during the special day.

Often, the couples envisioned a romantic wedding and the just fulfill their dream and are therefore naturally emotional. On the subliminal level, body language conveys the bride and groom's love for each other. Bringing their heads together, their bodies entering each other's personal space and many more, offers cues for the viewer onto the romantic nature of the photograph.

Story and Techniques

In this image, we see the groom hugging his bride and kissing her. The couple is positioned on the right side of the frame and shot in such angle so that they are positioned along the reciprocal sinister diagonal, which makes this image more dynamic. The tree on the left balances visually the couple to give the image symmetry. This technique is known in photography as the Dutch tilt.

The beautiful forest constitutes a splendid backdrop of this wedding album spread.

Things to Improve

During my workshops with the best wedding photographers in the world, in one form or another the all suggested that each picture should be analysed with a critical eye. The honest feedback the professional photographer gives to himself will allow him to improve his craft through hard work and dedication.

What are the elements that could be changed in order for this gorgeous photograph to have an even higher value? To critique this image I will use the sandwich technique in which I will start with the positive, continue with the aspects that need improvement in and with what makes the picture great.

The composition in the emotion showcased by this image are outstanding. If there is something that could be improved is the angle from which this image was captured. If I lowered my stance, I could have avoided the balcony rail in the image would have looked even cleaner. To conclude, the shot perfectly isolates the subject (the bride and groom) through an exquisite use of a shallow depth of field. Also, the couple is placed against a green background, which makes the subject stand out.

Here is a tip for the Toronto wedding photographers who are reading this article to prepare for their upcoming Kortright Centre for Conservation special event: use the Glass House if the weather is not conducive to a first look outdoors. The Glass House offers privacy, protection from the elements and also an amazing background.

When the weather is excellent, my first choice for first look would be a trail, deep in the forest or along the banks of Humber River. During the winter, you have more options during the Sugar bush maple syrup festival or other festivals offered by this nonprofit organization governed by TRCA.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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