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Bride Laughs During Kortright Centre Wedding Processional

The processional at Kortright Centre was one of my favourite parts of this wedding. After the bride and groom saw each other, they spent a few minutes in the Glass House before their outdoor wedding ceremony in the Cathedral of Trees. For a while, the sky was sunny and everybody was in good spirits.

However, the second the beautiful bride started walking down the aisle, it started raining, everybody's appointment. At one moment it got so bad that the officiant asked a couple of they wanted to continue with the ceremony. Of course, said the bride and groom in unison.

The bride walking down the aisle is one of the most emotional parts of the wedding day. I have seen grooms crying uncontrollably when they saw the love of their life walking down the aisle. Also, the fathers of the bride are especially susceptible to breakdowns at this moment when their little girl is becoming somebody else's wife.

Fortunately, everybody had their umbrellas ready and the few drops of rain did not ruin the big day.

In this picture, we see the bride accompanied by her father on the left and her mother on the bride advancing down the aisle. Everybody is standing and looking at the bride, creating visual lines that draw the viewer directly into the three subjects in this picture.

For the readers of this article who do not have children it is hard to understand what's on the parent's mind on her wedding day there is a mix of joy and sorrow. On the one hand, the parents are extremely happy for their daughter because she is stepping into a new stage in her life. On the other hand, they know they're losing a daughter as often couples move out of the parents house into their new nest or even a different city or country.


In this photograph, I used the a few techniques to make it stand out. First I employed the so-called Dutch stilt in which I wrote to the camera by 15° around the lens axis clockwise. That's slight rotation creates more dynamic angles and is more appealing to the human eye.

Also, I positioned myself slightly behind the flower girl so that she is in the foreground to create a multi layer image.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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