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Kortright Centre Wedding

Bride and Her Sister at Kortright Centre Wedding

The best Toronto wedding photographers are aware that creating an outstanding image involves combining a few elements. First, the subject's expression has to be perfect. Next, a great photo requires a sense of movement. Also, it goes without saying that the light is the main ingredient in photography. Finally, if the wedding photographer can add an element of interest, that will make the image raise above the crowd.

Maybe the most important thing that a professional photographer is trying to achieve in his work is to make the view were think. One of the most famous cartoonists of the 20th century did a research after being rejected by the New York Times in multiple occasions. His insight was that all cartoons published in the New York Times had one element in common: they made the reader think!

How to Make the Viewer Think?

While this discovery that a work of art is infinitely more valuable when it makes the view were think constitutes an epiphany for me, the next question becomes how to make the viewer think? Of course it is easier said than done but if you think about it there are a few ways and gestalt is coming to our help.

One way of achieving our goal is that on the wedding day to look for elements of interest that we can incorporate in the photograph. For example I always try to photograph the beautiful bride through an element of furniture that becomes a framing device. Sometimes a flower or the leafs create the frame that works in my favour. Also, mirrors or natural element that is designed to enhance beauty and are excellent objects to create mystery and wow the viewer.

For this particular image, on the big day at Kortright Centre I asked the bride to look in the mirror towards the camera while she was chatting with her sister.

This wedding photo provides an element of mystery in that you cannot see the whole bride's face. However the mirror she holding her hands is featuring two pairs of beautiful eyes looking at the viewer with a magnetic energy.

Photography Techniques

Early in my career as a Toronto wedding photographer I learned about composition and since then I have been striving to incorporate it in my work.

In this photograph, the composition is rather subtle. There are three human figures in this image which, according to the rule of odds, makes a photo more appealing.
Also, there are several leading lines that are rather implied then explicit. The bride's sister is looking at the beautiful bride and creates a leading line that directs the viewer's attention towards a bride. However, she doesn't engage the viewer but rather looks into the mirror so the viewer is in effect directing his gaze towards the mirror. It is only then when he sees the main subject of this photograph, the bride.
The flow of this wedding photo is exquisite. Starting from the top left we were greeted by the sisters eyes and our gaze goes towards the centre of the frame and slides towards the right where the mirror is placed.

This flow is very appealing and comes natural to human being that is used to reading from top left to bottom right.

Shortly after taking this splendid photograph I ran outside to orchestrate the first look that happened on the balcony at the Kortright Visitors Centre.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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