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Kortright Centre Wedding

Father Helps Groom Get Ready for his Kortright Centre Wedding

Some of the most beautiful images taken during the events involve the parents of newlyweds. The best Toronto wedding photographers know to look for these kind of moments and capture them when they arrive.

This Kortright Centre Wedding was full of such moments and this photograph immortalized one of them. Early on the big day, during the groom preparation, the father of the groom approached him and started helping him get dressed.


A photojournalist with a lot of experience knows how to deal with such situations. On the one hand, you want to achieve a perfect image of the groom and his father. On the other hand, imagery is about allowing things to happen and capturing genuine emotions. As such I gently asked the groom if you can move to a particular part of the room where the light was beautiful.

The backdrop in this image is a white wall that eliminates any distractions that compete with the subject of the frame, the groom and his father.

Once I selected the backdrop, I paid careful attention to the direction of light. The unwritten rule of the craft is that the clients should be the ones who are the best lit. When the light fall directly onto the bride or groom they are slightly brighter than the rest of the frame, which draws attention onto them and makes them "pop".

When I photographed both the newlyweds and make sure that the light is positioned in such way as to illuminate the bride's face directly or as we like to call it the "follow the nose" rule. That beautiful light is able to sculpt the bride's face.

This technique is called shooting from the narrow side of the face and makes the beautiful bride look even better.

Story of the Day

While I was getting ready at home, the bride had her hair and makeup done at a salon in Woodbridge. For the couples who are getting married at Kortright Centre for Conservation I strongly recommend contacting the hair stylists and salons in Kleinburg and Woodbrige to set appointments in the area close to the event space.

Often, the traffic in the Greater Toronto Area is busy and can derail even the most carefully planned timeline.

First Look Tip

Having a first look on your wedding day is a perfect opportunity for us to take beautiful images before the ceremony. It also allows you to spend a few moments together and to express the feelings you have for each other.

Yes I know, you are concerned about how the space looks like and want to inspect every single detail of the hall but that should come second to the most important aspect of your event: you and your hubby.

For the first look, we enjoy the nature and in the unfortunate event that it rains, your best bet is the Glass House, and octagonal structure of glass, metal and wood that is not only romantic but also pretty.

Coming back to our photograph, the beauty of the emotions captured in this image is timeless. Many decades down the road the groom, his family and guests will remember the time spent together before tying the knot.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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