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Kortright Centre Wedding

Flower Girl and her Father at Kortright Centre Wedding

In order to remain the best wedding photographers in Toronto, we strive to capture the most beautiful moments, which to our delight, abounded during this particular Kortright Centre wedding.

Kortright Centre for Conservation, a natural reservation located between Rutherford Rd, Pine Valley Dr and Humber River, was the wedding location that the couple chose for their event. As you can see in this wedding album, there are plenty of emotional moments that we captured. This particular photograph spread depicts only one of them.

Best Candid Shots

I often see artists try to create emotional moments and unfortunately the results are subpar.

First, the bride and groom are not actors in the photographs look awkward.

Second, everybody in the greater Toronto area and uses the same tricks to create that type of images.

Third, on the big day the couple is very emotional and it is not that difficult to elicit beautiful moments where they display the feelings towards each other. The artist simply has to be a bit creative and leave his comfort zone during the event.

A good opportunity for the artist is to learn about the couple during the engagement photo shoot so that during the event there are no surprises. Some couples feel very comfortable in front of the camera and give you all the emotions in the world. Others feel intimidated by the big glasses and shiny flashes we display throughout the special event.

To understand your client, you need to spend time with them during their first consultation followed by an engagement session, the pre-wedding consultation and finally on their special day. By that time the beautiful bride will be so familiar with the artist that she will have no problem expressing her feelings in front of the camera for him.

It was because of this particular relationship with the bride and groom and their families that they lobby in their life and they were not afraid of sharing their feelings with me. The result was beautiful wedding photos they will cherish forever.

This particular picture was captured before the wedding ceremony while the bride and groom were getting ready. It is one of the photos the family likes the most because it involves one of the flower girls, which is also the groom's niece.

Story of the Image

We have a special technique to evoke emotions and great photographs when we deal with children. We lower our cameras so that we can establish contact with are subject. If we use a camera such as a Fujifilm, we use the tilt screen to see what happens in front of our eyes without actually covering our face. That allows us to create rapport with our subjects.

When we photograph children we also make funny faces that prompts them to respond back. Also we are not a very traditional studio and we address every situation in a creative manner.

For this picture, I asked the flower girl if she was a little ballerina and she acted like one. Her father, in a spontaneous moment, hugged and kissed her. It was in that particular moment when I to this photograph.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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