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Kortright Centre Wedding

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer at Kortright Centre

This image captured early on the wedding day at Kortright Centre captures the interaction between the flower girl and the ring bearer.

As a side note, both the ring bearer in the flower girl are the bride and groom's nephews, or to be more specific the children of the groom's sister.


Early in my career, I learned that through observation and patience I can catch beautiful reactions and moments between the family and friends. As such, every time I photograph a wedding I set my exposure and leave my cameras hanging on the side.

That makes me look less intimidating and allows people to behave normally. I find that often when the main photographer raises his camera, people become very shy or alter their normal behaviour and start posing.

As such, to avoid that, I have my cameras ready and even pre-focus so that I can take the shot at a moments notice. What you will see that I supposedly don't pay attention to the scene, the evening the best reactions ever. Combined that with the Fuji tilt screen and you have a perfect tool kit to capture the best candid photographs possible.

That is exactly what I did during this Kortright Centre wedding in Woodbridge Ontario.

While I was waiting patiently for the next moment before the wedding party left, I saw the two kids approaching. I took a small step and anticipated the position where they will be when I wanted to take my shot.

Afterwards, I waited until my subjects were in the perfect spot for a dynamic composition into the picture. Photograph depicts the flower girl holding the little ring bearer around his shoulders and walking together. The little boy is arranging his hat and holding a teddy bear in his right hand.

This emotional photograph is so touching that the bride and groom decided to include it in their wedding album.

As wedding photographer I like when my clients trust me and allow me to do my best. During my consultation I always try to coach them in understanding the value of the family photographs.


Under the strong influence of social media and blogs, many clients want lots of pictures of the hall, flowers, decor, and so on and sometimes forget to take pictures with their family.

Fortunately, after the ceremony, the beautiful bride and the dashing groom to plenty of family pictures.

The Location

My advice is to book an appointment with your wedding photographer so you can visit the area before your event. Even better have your engagement session or if you want the bridal shower in this location so you can learn more about the location. You will be amazed to know that this non-profit organization owned by TRCA uses only renewable energy for its operations.

The 325 hectares of woodlands bordered by Pine Valley Drive, Rutherford Road and Humber River are one of the most popular locations in the greater Toronto area. More specifically it is the third most popular location after Casa Loma and Evergreen Brick Works.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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