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Flower Girls Getting Ready for Kortright Centre Wedding

There is a secret the best wedding photographers learned from advertising in movies. Children are perfect subjects for beautiful photos. Childhood is the best part of one's life and children, with their candor and beauty help us, professional photographers create visual masterpieces.

Story of the Photograph

During the groom preparation for his Kortright Centre wedding the two flower girls were also getting ready for the event. One of the hair stylists was arranging their hair and the little girls had a lot of fun.

When I heard the flower girls giggling I approached them carefully. Using my medium telephoto lens I took a few shots that immortalize the moments.

It is often said that wedding photography is about capturing 5 seconds of joy and love? Professional photographers know that most images are captured at higher shutter speeds exceeding 1/200s. As such, it necessarily follows that all the final photographs delivered to the bride and groom are taken in a few seconds.

The math is simple: you deliver 1000 images of the event taken at 1/200s and you need two seconds of real emotions to become a successful artist.

The most important thing is to time your shots properly and spread the great shots during the whole special event starting with the preparation, followed by the wedding ceremony and finally the reception.

In this image, we see the two flower girls talking to each other, I'm aware of the photographer. In our career as Toronto wedding photographers we capture literally millions of images and the best of them have a few common elements.

First, you need beautiful light. Without light there is no imagery. Second the photos need genuine emotion. Emotion is what makes a difference between average images and masterpieces. Last and also very important, motion makes the images stand out. In a world where everybody there is a camera and where everyone is a photographer, combining these secret ingredients help one create splendid wedding photos.

The reason why a photo booth is often the main attraction of the event or rather of the evening is that the photographs created at the booth including the above-mentioned elements.

While in photography you cannot always control the quality and direction of light, a good artist is able to anticipate emotions and look for motion.

The beauty of this particular wedding venue is that because of the magnificent trees surrounding the locations the light is splendid. Marriages are emotional events so the second element of great imagery is in place. The artist is only to spot them.


Here are a few techniques I used to create this shot. First, I chose a balanced composition. Also, I frame the image in such way to capture three people. According to the rule of odds, photographs that include an odd number of subjects are more appealing.

As a true documentary artist, I observed the scene and the moments unfolding. When the time is right, I took my shot.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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