Flower Girls Walk Down the Aisle
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Flower Girls Walk Down the Aisle at Kortright Centre Wedding

In this emotional photograph captured during the outdoor wedding ceremony at Kortright Centre for conservation Woodbridge Ontario, we can see the two flower girls walking down the aisle. They are both wearing white dresses and white flowers in their hair.

Contrary to the custom, on this particular special event, the flower girls are not spreading petals on the aisle as the bride was allergic to pollen.


Besides the beautiful moments captured in this photograph, the composition makes this picture stand out. The two girls are placed alongside the sinister diagonal according to the Golden Spiral. Thus, the aisle is becoming a leading line that emphasizes the presence and importance of the subject in the frame.

Even more, in the back at the top left corner of the frame, we can see two guests looking towards the girls and thus creating virtual leading lines.

In wedding photography, while capturing emotion is important, one has to use the features of the venue to create works of art on the big day. In this case, by positioning myself at an angle from the aisle, I was able to create the diagonal in this frame. That gives the image dynamism and depth. The flower girls are placed in the foreground and are completely in focus. Meanwhile, the two guests are behind them in the background slightly out of focus.

This photograph was taken with a Fuji XT2 camera and a 23 mm F1.4 lens. The 23 mm lens is my favourite on the wedding day is it allows me to get close to the action and document the events as the human eye sees them.

While I was taking this picture, the beautiful bride was waiting with her parents in the Glass House while the other wedding photographer was taking candid images of her and her parents.

Kortright Centre for Conservation

Kortright Centre is a nonprofit organization (operating under the TRCA) that owns this vast conservation area located in Kleinburg, on Pine Valley Dr. and bordered by Major McKenzie and the Humber River.

The institution is dedicated to educating the public on environmental issues and uses sustainable technologies and renewable energy sources to power its operations.

Among its main attractions, the Sugarbush maple syrup festival in the kite festival comes to mind.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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