Groom's Sister and Flower Girl
Photography by Calin
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Kortright Centre Wedding

Groom's Sister and Flower Girl at Kortright Centre Wedding

A Toronto wedding photographer has one of the most important of in the world. Documenting a wedding regardless of the conditions, the time allocated wedding photography, his health situation and more.

During this Kortright Centre wedding I was under the weather but for the newlyweds that is completely relevant. What you want is beautiful images that capture their event in an artistic manner.

This particular wedding photograph blends artistry, psychology and photojournalism in one frame. In this wedding album spread we can see the flower girl and her mother looking towards a mysterious man on the right side of the frame. We couldn't tell it is the groom, his father or one of the friends who is present in this picture. After all it doesn't even matter.

Best Artists

We are often named the best photojournalists in Toronto because we create on a consistent basis images such as this one.

Regardless if you get married in a hall or a church, if you have an event with 500 guests or an intimate elopement, we will be there to document the moments for you.

If you are getting married at Kortright Centre for Conservation or have a Black Creek Pioneer Village wedding or any other event space in the GTA, we will document your event as if our lives depended on it. I know artists who, perform differently depending on the client and I find that disturbing. A photojournalist has a moral and professional duty to deliver outstanding images, regardless of the conditions.

I find that a profound passion for the craft helps creating beautiful imagery.

If the artist has no passion, the photo shoot becomes a burden and you can't wait for the big day to finish so he can cash his paycheck.

Engagement Sessions at Kortright Centre

Kortright Centre is one of the most unique wedding venues in Toronto and a very popular location for engagement shoots.

Conveniently located in the northern part of the greater Toronto area, in an area bordered by Rutherford Rd., Humber River and Pine Valley Dr., the location is one of the most sought after wedding and engagement locations in the area. In fact, it is only surpassed by Casa Loma when it comes to the most popular event spaces in the city.

Often my clients request that we visit the area and then moved to different locations in Kleinburg and Woodbridge.

Fall and winter are the most popular seasons for engagements at Kortright Centre. Especially in the winter during the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival newly engaged couples like to take pictures doing something funny.

Post Processing

In terms of post processing, I applied a black and white technique so that it gives this photograph a more candid feel. Besides that, I leveled the picture and cropped the man on the right to increase the mystery in the frame.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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