Maid of Honour Kisses Flower Girl
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Kortright Centre Wedding

Maid of Honour Kisses Flower Girl at Kortright Centre Wedding

Many of our couples consider us the best photojournalists and we are honoured by that. During this Kortright Centre special event we had plenty of opportunities to immortalize beautiful moments that can only happen on such special event.


In order to create beautiful images throughout the event, during our long career as Toronto wedding photographers we learned a few things that can help you.

First, the subjects should feel comfortable in front of the camera and expressed their love freely. That's why a good fit between the clients and their artist is crucial.

Second, the artist should always watch the timeline. I'm not saying check the time every five minutes, but make sure nothing runs late. In fact, the newlyweds' photo shoot is the only time slot that will get shorter.

The newlyweds will not be able to change the time of their wedding ceremony, the cocktail hour, the reception so if the bride runs late, the imagery will suffer.

Wedding photography is not only about taking beautiful pictures but also about managing recitations and keeping things moving.

I remember once photographing a marriage and the bride ran two hours late. We were supposed to document the groom preparation and take a few family photos. Due to a miscommunication between the bride, her makeup artists and hair stylists, instead of three makeup artists only one showed up. That in effect derailed the whole special event.

Last and most important tip is to observe and capture moments. Often artists focus mostly on decor, flowers, makeup, garter and so on. While the beautiful bride definitely loves all the above, we also need to document the presence of the family and friends to the event. After all, in 30 years who will care about the beautiful pictures of the shoes if we missed taking good portraits of the grandparents?

In the past I had a few brides what fortunately lost their loved ones after the wedding. I wish you could read the emotional letters they sent me thanking us for taking beautiful pictures of their mothers, grandmothers and other family members and friends who are no longer with us.


Kortright Centre is one of the most popular locations in the greater Toronto area and there are a few elements that make it unique and very appealing for the environmentally conscious bride.

First the event space is owned by a non-profit organization and uses only renewable energy. Another very popular location and the sister of this one is Black Creek.

Second, it is one of the rare locations in Toronto where you can tie the knot in the middle of nature, surrounded by trees. How cool is that?

If your event is in March or April you are lucky because your family and friends can enjoy the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival activities, the main attraction that time of the year.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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