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Reflection of Couple in the Water During a Kortright Centre Wedding

Towards the end of the big day at Kortright Centre, I asked the bride and groom to join me for a quick photo shoot outdoors. I found a pothole filled with water next to a bench and they asked the bride and groom if they would be so kind as to spend a few moments on the bench. The newlywed couple was happy to oblige and I created this splendid photograph of them kissing on a bench.


To illuminate the bride and groom I used a continuous light source, also known as a video light. Often on the couple special day, the writing groom don't want to spend time taking photos during the wedding reception but rather enjoy the party with their guests and family. For that reason I always use a continuous light source so I can preview my photograph.

The best wedding photographers in Toronto use continuous light sources at nighttime. The advantages of this option versus flashes are multifold. First, the photographer can see in real time the shadows his life to create. Second, there is no recycling time so the photographer can keep shooting to capture the right emotion. Often the time needed by flashes to read fresh breaks the flow of the shoot and irritates the subject's. Even more important, often at night acquiring focus is challenging because of the lack of contrast in the frame. A video light on the other hand illuminates the subject and allow the artist to focus quickly on the subject. While in the past I used speed lights successfully, the hit rate is much higher since I started using continuous lights. The only disadvantage of this approach is the fact that one needs to carry an additional piece of equipment and batteries.


This photograph was taken a few meters from the wedding venue to be more precise from the Glass House. I deliberately chose a vertical or portrait framing so I can create a symmetrical composition along the horizontal axis.

To achieve that, I shut from the ground with the camera almost touching the water so that its surface creates a reflection.

The beautiful pose makes this image believable and I love the way the subject reflects in the water.

Achieving such images takes a bit of convincing during the preliminary consultation, the engagement session and during a the bride and groom preparation for the wedding ceremony I remind them that we need to shoot a few frames at night.

The biggest challenges of taking good night shots is the presence of the guests in the frame. Often, the boys are having such a good time that they don't wanna move so I have to Photoshop them afterwards. Fortunately, at Kortright Centre for conservation the trees constitute a beautiful backdrop in the forest is so vast that is easy to find a good spot to photograph.

Post Production Work

Many couples believe that the wedding photographers work is done once the wedding finishes by the truth is that the heavy lifting just begins. Often, my best images go through several iterations until they reached the final stage of refinement needed to deliver them to the client.

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