Romantic Moment between the Bride and Groom
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Kortright Centre Wedding

Romantic Moment Between the Bride and Groom

This romantic portrait of the bride and groom was captured immediately prior to the couple heading to their outdoor wedding ceremony in the Cathedral of trees, at Kortright Centre for Conservation, in Woodbridge, Ontario.

In this intimate picture of the bride and groom, we can see the couple kissing. The beautiful bride's hand is gently placed on the groom's head and we can see a hint of her soft, beautiful, smile.


What I like about this picture is the fact that the viewer is challenged to think and ask himself a few questions. What just happened before this picture was taken? Are they still kissing or they're just enjoying each other's presence and breathing in their scent?

I find that the most valuable wedding photographs are those that don't offer the whole story on a platter but the rather offer pieces so that the viewer completes the puzzle.

One of the reasons I love first looks is the fact that it gives the bride and groom an opportunity to see each other before tying the knot and to enjoy some time together. At this special event, the couple decided to follow my advice and have a first look about half an hour before the outdoor wedding ceremony in the Cathedral of Trees.


At the beginning of my wedding photography career, I was creating sophisticated lighting schemes using two or three artificial light sources. It was my lack of experience in the hope that the clients will be impressed with my equipment.

Unfortunately, on the wedding day, a professional photographer doesn't have the time to carry around all the equipment. Generally, brides and grooms do not allocate enough time for creative portraits on the special day. That is the reason why we see the vast majority of wedding photography uses ambient light.

In this image there was no additional lighting source added to the ambient light. The bride and groom sat on a bench on the West side of the visitor centre. The wooden beams created a splendid backdrop that makes the couple stand out.


The beautiful bride and groom are positioned on the left side of the frame in the direction of the wooden beams is creating leading lines that give the image a dynamic feel.


This beautiful photograph exudes love. That is suggested by the way the newlyweds are sitting on the bench with their heads and bodies touching.


To capture this beautiful moment I use the Fujifilm XT2 camera and a 56 mm F1 .2 lens. The focus is on the couple and they shot at F4 .5 so that I can also capture the texture of the wooden wall.

In post production colour corrected the image apply the selected vignetting and the did some basic skin retouching.

Things to Improve in the Image

The most important tip I learned from one of the best wedding photographers in the world is to critique your work on a constant basis and to avoid the most common mistakes.

According to the Pareto principle, also known as the 80-20 rule, 20% of the mistakes appear in 80% of the pictures. It is therefore crucial to attempt to avoid those mistakes and in order to do so one needs to catch them.

My secret tool in dealing with such issues is a list of mistakes and make on the big day. When I come back from a shoot, I write them in an Excel spreadsheet and over time, the pivot table is showing me the top areas that need improvement.

While wedding photography is an art and not math, improving on the most critical skills can help the artist become one of the best.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6.

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