Bridal Party Toasting at Idlewyld Inn Wedding
Photography by Calin
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London Ontario Wedding

Bridal Party Toasting at Idlewyld Inn Wedding

This is a fun image captured at this wedding I photographed in London Ontario. While capturing groom's preparation, the excellent staff from Idlewyld Inn and Spa brought some champagne bottles. The left image shows the maid of honour pouring the champagne into glasses, while the groom is looking straight into the camera laughing. His expression of utter happiness is characteristic of the whole day. The fact he is facing the photographer contrasts with the more photojournalistic nature of the foreground where the maid of honour is pouring a drink to a bridesmaid, in this case the one of the bride's sisters. As a backdrop one can see the beautiful paper wall of Idlewyld and the intense green plants. This is by no means a perfect photo. The central composition is suboptimal; the maid of honour's shoulder is cropped and a plant is growing out of the groom's head. 

Still, wedding photography is not  about silly rules of composition! Photography is about people, about moments and about preserving those memories over time. I strongly believe this image does an excellent job at immortalizing a beautiful moment during the tumultuous wedding day of this couple. 

In the photograph on the right the groomsmen - the four brothers and their cousin- toast champagne. They look amazingly well in their navy blue suits contrasting sharply with the brown background. That figure to ground contrast ( a photographic term) makes the subject, in this case the groomsmen, stand out. 

This image features a wedding I photographed in London Ontario

Location: 36 Grand Ave, London, ON N6C 1K8, Canada.

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