Bride and Groom Portrait at Idlewyld Wedding
Photography by Calin
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London Ontario Wedding

Bride and Groom Portrait at Idlewyld Wedding

Weddings are usually held in the summer as weather in Toronto and Southern Ontario is unpredictable. This April wedding confirms the concern many brides have about how the weather will be like on their wedding day. 

On the wedding day, it started snowing heavily. We were lucky enough to capture some beautiful scenes where the background is made of evergreen trees covered in snow. 

In this particular photo taken in front of the Law Faculty at University of Western Ontario, the bride and groom were dancing while it was snowing heavily. 

While the bride and groom were enjoying themselves in this brief intermission during their Big Day, myself and my second photographer were taking lots of candid shots of the couple. During a wedding there are times where we direct, but if the bride and groom open up and allow us to photograph their hearts, we feel blessed. 

The professional equipment I use is weather proof and I am not concerned about photographing in the rain or snow, but honestly I was afraid the bride would catch a cold on her wedding day. Fortunately, that was not the case and the outdoor mini photo shoot took only a few minutes. However, that was what we needed to take some stunning imagery. 

This image features a wedding I photographed in London Ontario.

Location: 1151 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3K7.

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