First Dance at Idlewyld Wedding
Photography by Calin
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First Dance at Idlewyld Wedding

The Idlewyld Inn wedding album has to finish in a very strong note and this image is a perfect ending with the light flare from one of the flashes balancing perfectly the couple having their first dance. 

Usually I ask couples not to hug during the first dance so I can capture their emotions. If they hug, I am not able to see the bride's face and I can only photograph her back or the back of her head and the veil. Still this shot works despite the fact you can only see the groom's face. 

The strong embrace and the flare give you the feeling this was a special moment and indeed it was. 

In the background, the viewer can see the members of the bridal party, in fact two of the groom's brother silhouetted and looking at their brother and his bride dancing the first dance as a husband and wife. 

I love the composition of the image, the intense ambient blue light in the venue and the flare globes forming a leading line that directs your view towards the couple, which is the subject of the photograph. I remember the groom's reaction when I watched the wedding photos. He  was impressed with this shot and I heard a WOW that convinced me he really liked his wedding pictures.

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