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First Look at Idlewyld Inn Wedding

The first look or the unveiling is a more modern tradition for Christians. I personally like first looks because they give the wedding photographer another opportunity to take nice shots. Also, that will allow you to spend a few moments together with your love one aways from the views of the guests...well, the photographers will accompany you to capture the first look, but it is uncommon to have the family and bridal party present during the first look. 

This Idlewyld Inn wedding in London Ontario was no different. The bride and groom decided to have a first look at noon, which is honestly a less ideal time to photograph outdoors. Still, as a professional wedding photographer, I need to make sure I deliver quality imagery and that I please my clients regardless of the weather conditions. Even more challenging, we needed to have the Idlewyld Inn and Spa behind the bride and groom as they chose this location. 

As usually, I asked the groom to wait for his bride and face us while she walked behind the groom. That gave me plenty of time to capture both the reactions of the groom and the ones of the bride walking towards the love of her life. 

This beautiful bride gave me a cute moment we captured splendidly in this photo. When she was a few feet behind the groom she made a noise and started doing a funny dance. You can see the groom's expression of curiosity seconds before he turned to see his bride. The fact this photo was taken in a portrait mode and was tilted gives the picture more dynamism. 

This image features a wedding I photographed in London Ontario.

Location: 36 Grand Ave, London, ON N6C 1K8, Canada.

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