Groom Singing at Idlewyld Wedding
Photography by Calin
London Ontario Wedding

Groom Singing at Idlewyld Wedding

Weddings elicit intense emotions. At this Idlewyld Inn wedding in London Ontario the groom hired an orchestra to accompany t while he is singing a song composed by him. 

One of my questions to the couples whose weddings I photograph is if they have any surprise prepared for their Big Day. I prefer that they provide me a list of surprises beforehand so I can prepare. As they say, if you don't plan, you plan to fail. 

On the morning of the wedding day, the groom told me that he intends to sing a song to his bride right after the speeches and cake cutting. As I mentioned, he composed this song. 

I was ready to take the shot, but not ready for the emotion that song caused. The bride started tearing op and I followed. I have to admit that I often shed a tear, especially during father's speeches. I am myself a father and my little daughter will one day be a bride, so every time I hear the father's speech, I am overwhelmed with emotion. This time was no different. 

To add an element of interest, I placed some battery operated Christmas lights which create this splendid red foreground bokeh. 

The red globes of light beautifully complement the blue background and make this photograph stand out. 

Location: London, Ontario.

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