Groomsmen at Idlewyld Wedding
Photography by Calin
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Groomsmen at Idlewyld Inn Wedding

The arrival of the groom and groomsmen at this Idlewyld Inn wedding was a good opportunity to capture the wedding day atmosphere. The groomsmen and groom arrived singing and wearing impeccable blue suits accentuated by boutonnieres and walked with a happy gait towards the Idlewyld Inn and Spa, where the bride was getting ready. 

The boys started singing a cappella songs and I have never in my life heard such voices singing unaccompanied by background music live. It was only after the wedding when I heard that the four brothers were part of a famous boys band called The McAuley Boys. Named the next Jackson Five, the McAuley Boys were just singing breathtakingly together. I was fortunate enough to photograph the younger brother's wedding and that is a huge honour. 

In this album spread, the three photographs depict the groom and his groomsmen singing, walking towards the venue and having fun together.

Location: 36 Grand Ave, London, ON N6C 1K8, Canada.

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