London Ontario Photographers Groom Bride Dancing
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London Ontario Wedding

London Ontario Photographers Capture Groom and Bride Dancing 

After taking the formal photos, I asked the bride and groom if they wanted to step out for a short photo shoot. Despite the fact this wedding took place in April, it was snowing. That is the beauty of the weddings that we photograph in the Toronto area and surroundings. One never knows what to expect in terms of weather.

 The newlyweds joined us the photographers on the sidewalk in front of the Law Faculty Library at University of Western Ontario for a blitz photo shoot. 

This particular photo is the result of that shoot. The groom is holding his bride in his arms gently kissing her neck while practicing their first dance.  

This image features a wedding I photographed in London Ontario .

Location: 1151 Richmond Street London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7.

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