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Bride and Groom Portraits at Idlewyld Wedding

At this Idlewyld Inn wedding in London Ontario, the love between the bride and groom was apparent. Every gesture, even the most subtle ones such as the bride softly touching the groom's  hand was loaded with emotions and significance. 

This album spread shows the bride and groom having an intimate moment. Even though the scene was directed by me, the smiles and all the other range of emotions was genuine. The bride is dressed in her white wedding gown and is hugging the groom from behind. 

The beauty of photography is that it can isolate and transform reality; in fact, pictures sometimes create a reality that does not exist. In this photo, the bridal party were enjoying a glass of champagne steps from this scene where the bride and groom were having a moment, but nobody can tell that. By shooting very tight I eliminated the distractions and focused on the newlyweds. Even the bouquet is left out and in fact the maid of honour was holding it for the duration of the mini photo shoot. 

On the right image of the spread, the bride is holding the groom around his shoulders and is kissing his temple. The natural smile of the groom who closed his eyes to absorb the intimate moment completes this beautiful shot. I placed the two images to create a perfect visual symmetry in the image around the central vertical axis of the wedding album.

Location: 36 Grand Ave, London, ON N6C 1K8, Canada.

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