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Bridal Portraits at Idlewyld Inn

Bridal portraits are an important part of wedding photography and when we are lucky enough and everything goes according to the plan, we take the bride to a beautiful location and for about two hours we take portraits of her.

Many times brides suggest photos they want taken on their big day. This bride was different and gave me total creative control over the bridal portraits.

One of the must have images is the full length portrait of the bride. It is in these kind of images when one can see the beautiful gown.

When looking for a location for bride or groom photos, a wedding photographer always looks for a clean background with good natural light. If there are any paintings on the wall I will do my best to remove them so the bride is the main subject. I often shut the light off so there is no mixed lighting. Daylight and bulb lighting have different light temperatures, which negatively impact the skin tones. Paintings, photos in the background distract viewer's attention from the main subject who is actually the bride.

Once I found the perIn this album spread, I took two vertical shots of the bride. In the left photo, the bride is facing the window and we can see the back of her beautiful gown. In the picture on the right, I asked the bride to turn her body away from the light and turn her face towards the light. I then took these stunning images of her.  

This image features a wedding I photographed in London Ontario.

Location: 36 Grand Ave, London, ON N6C 1K8, Canada.

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