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One King West Wedding


This bride loved photography and on her One King West wedding day I took plenty of portraits of her. 

In my long career as a Toronto wedding photographer, I learned that time is one of the most important ingredients of good imagery. Sure, there are cases when emotions trump lighting, but generally to create beautiful photographs one needs time. 

In this age of instant gratifications, many couples believe that good photos just happen. FALSE! To create a meaningful image, one takes time to "work the shot." Often we need 50 takes of the same scene to pick a keeper. 

Fortunately, the bride and groom were familiar with the ins and outs of wedding photography so they gave me plenty of time with them. 

On the wedding day, we started photographing the groom and the boys early in the morning and later  we moved to the bridal suite to photograph the rest of the wedding party and several guests.

The girls were giggling nervously before the ceremony and I find that tensions run high at the beginning of the special day. This One King West wedding was no different! As such, I always instruct my second photographer to be quiet and observe more than interact. 

While I was taking posed portraits of the bride my second shooter was capturing candid photos of the guests and the bridal party. At this time of the day, the guys were arranging the final details at the wedding venue and various vendors. 

The first portrait of the bride features a beautiful woman wearing a white robe. Her head is adorned with a magnificent hair piece and she looks very happy.

The second image on this album spread showcases Sanaz, our bride looking playful and arranging her beautiful blond hair. 

Finally, the last shot shows the bride posing for the camera in a high fashion pose.

To provide the bride and groom a variety of looks, I always chose a series of post processing styles. Here, I used a black and white processing that gives the bride a retro look, in stark contrast with her fashion forward dress and hair piece. 

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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