Bridal Party Portrait at The Vault
Photography by Calin
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One King West Wedding


This photo of Sanaz and Payam's bridal party was taken during their wedding at One King West hotel, minutes before the ceremony. 

Generally, the pictures are one of the rather boring episodes of a wedding day. However, this couple loves wedding photography so the budgeted plenty of time for the wedding photos.

The Vault is one of the most beautiful and modern locations in Downtown Toronto. In this bridal party portrait, the harmony of light colours makes the photo stand out. The key light is tungsten while the backlight coming from The Vault is blue. 

The bridal party is standing in a flying V with the bride and groom in the lead. On the left, you see the beautiful bridesmaids holding their bouquets while on the right the groomsmen stand in very masculine poses.

A beautiful blue back light is coming from The Vault at One King West hotel, while the main light is given by the few video lights.

Everybody, including the bride and groom looks very serious in this photograph. That is everybody except for the brides sister breaks the pattern with a beautiful smile.

In my experience as a Toronto wedding photographer I found that generally, before the ceremony everybody is tense. However, the nervousness dissipates once the bride and groom say I do and everybody heads to the wedding reception.

This image occupies a double page spread on the wedding album and is a testament to the importance the family and friends play in the couple's life.

This was the last shot or two before the ceremony that took place in the Austin Gallery.

To create this image, I used a 5D Mark III camera equipped with a 24-70 lens.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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