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One King West Wedding


Chances are I am repeating myself. However, this One King West wedding is one of my favourites not only at this venue, but in my whole photography career. See for yourself here:

After the groomsmen had their share of fun, it was now the bride and bridesmaids' turn. This album spread captures the bridesmaids enjoying the wedding day. 

This album spread is one of my favourites from this wedding as it captures the candid reactions of the bride and bridesmaids. 

The first image of the album spread portrays the bridesmaids taking selfies with the bride. This is what I like to call creative photojournalism. In other words, on the wedding day, I like to provide loose directions and then capture the subjects reactions. 

Forget about stiff poses and complex light setups! Wedding photography is about emotions and capturing the moments. 

The second photo of the spread perfectly illustrate my point. In this image that occupies a whole page in the wedding album, the bride is having a pillow fight with the girls on the bed. While the moment is prompted, the reactions are genuine and the image is believable. 

The last two photos on this spread capture the interactions between the bridesmaids, the mother of the groom and guests. 

Again, this is not a spread that I am going to submit for any awards consideration, but it documents the couple's special day and it is invaluable for the bride and groom. In my career as a Toronto wedding photographer I learned that providing a good coverage that captures emotions trumps an mediocre coverage with a few award winning images. 

After all, a few decades down the road the bride and groom could not care less about the gorgeous image of them in the sunset where the light is impeccable and the pose flawless. What matters is the essence of the wedding day, the emotions and documenting the reactions of the guests and family. 

Truth be told, at this One King West wedding I pursued both a great photojournalistic coverage and WOW shots that the bride and groom hung on the wall. 

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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