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One King West Wedding


The two romantic portraits of the bride and groom were created during a wedding at One King West hotel

As a Toronto wedding photographer, I learned to materialize every opportunity I have to create stunning images. These two photographs were taken literally minutes apart because I don't want to overwhelm the bride and groom with and less photo shoots on their wedding day. 

In fact, this secret of my success is that I always convince the couples to give me 10 minutes to read the wedding reception for creative photographs.

Generally, I take five minutes just before the sunset when I take the newlyweds to a location I scouted in advance. During dinner, I confirm with the couple that there is nothing going on in the next 10 minutes and my sister than I leave the wedding venue to set up the lights. Honestly, I don't need my second photographer to set up the lights but I need a subject on which to take a few test pictures. When everything is ready, I returned to the wedding venue and asked the bride and groom to leave the room.

If you want to be successful in wedding photography you have to be bold. I'm not referring to professional photographers who ask their couples to do crazy things such as walking on train tracks or dive into a lake during the trash the dress session.

I'm referring to the simple fact of asking the couple to join me for a quick photo shoot so we can create epic photographs for their wedding album. I'm totally aware the wedding day is a hectic one but sparing a few moments on a special day is conducive to gorgeous photographs. Most are short, if you want perfect wedding photos, budget 10 minutes in your timeline for the evening and night photo shoot.

Many of my colleagues, professional photographers themselves confessed to me that their clients cannot find 10 minutes on their big day for the evening photo shoot. In my opinion,  they never ask for it. How can a so called professional photographer can return from a destination wedding without shooting a large variety of images including photographs taken in the morning, throughout the day in the evening. While wedding is in the Greater Toronto Area are extremely hectic, they's initial weddings are different. The photographer travels with the couple for a week and in the past I scheduled an engagement shoots, a pre-wedding photo shoot and I shot 16 hours on the special day. 

The wedding day is not the time to be shy. To have a successful wedding photography studio in the greater Toronto area what has worked really hard, as to have the right personality, connections, tenacity and more!

I know plenty of Toronto wedding photography studios that went bankrupt because their owners became complacent. 

Going back to our story of the wedding day, during the reception, I asked the bride and groom to sneak out so we can take a few shots just outside the Grand Banking Hall where the reception continued.

Fortunately, One King West is an extremely picturesque wedding venue it takes moments to create the perfect wedding photograph. As a side note, that's why love distillery district events. Everywhere you turn you find perfect backdrops for photography.

The left page of the album spread features the image of the groom holding his bride. Both the bride and groom have their eyes closed, which makes the image more powerful. 

The right photo on the spread shows the couple on the marble staircase outside the Grand Banking Hall. The groom is a few steps behind the bride and both are looking at each other.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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