Bride and Groom Portraits at The Vault
Photography by Calin
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The Vault at One King West is a must visit location for the bride and groom portraits on their wedding day.

Featured in various movies, the vault is a perfect backdrop not only for fashion magazines photo shoots, but also for the fashion forward bride and groom. Truth be told, One King West is wedding venue where the past present and future meet harmoniously. What do I mean by that? Well, the main building was erected in 1914 but these days uses modern lighting and sound technology that will make your wedding stand the test of time.

The image on the left is a full body image of the couple that is standing in the position reminiscent of the fashion magazines. The main colours in this photograph are orange and blue. There is an intense blue light coming from the vault used as a backlight. The main light in this scene is created by a warm video light that I brought to match the hotel atmosphere and architecture. Orange and blue form the most pleasing colour combination to the human eye and are often used in design and advertising in this exact combination. Also, cinematography uses the so-called split toning to increase the attractiveness of the imagery. Given that the hotel, and more specifically the Vault were used as movie backdrops, this colour combination is appropriate.

The second shot is a closeup of the newlyweds. In both images, the blue light coming from the vault gave the photos a movie-like look. 

When he created these two images I encountered a series of challenges. First, the back light coming from the Vault overpowered not only the ambient light but also my main light, creating their colour cast on the bride and groom.

Second, series of guests, members of the wedding party and family were taking pictures over my shoulders, distracting the couple.

Finally, the wedding party was down our neck, waiting to shoot before they are wedding ceremony.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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