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One King West Wedding


As a Toronto wedding photographer had the opportunity to document over several hundred weddings in the Greater Toronto Area, Southern Ontario or abroad. While I am not specialized in destination weddings, I did my fair share of them. But I digress. My point is, despite my vast wedding photography experience, this wedding is one of my favourites of all times! 

The bride and groom should openly their love on their wedding day which gave me the opportunity to capture genuine moments and deliver amazing photographs.

When I answered the Toronto wedding photography arena, this industry was dominated by awkward poses, complex lighting setups in long photo shoots. Yes, profit margins of the wedding photographer in Toronto were pretty high but the photographs deliver to the clients and the wedding albums were mediocre at best. That was a shame because after all, what is a perfect wedding without the photos to prove it.

The duty of the wedding photography industry, which is in the terrible decline in my opinion, is to create for the bride and groom the illusion that their wedding day was perfect. That is how the couple will remember their special day in a few decades.

Unfortunately, more than one Toronto wedding photographer sees the bride and groom as walking wallets. I always impressed on my colleagues the fact that those moments are passing. While for a professional photographer, the couple's wedding day is just another photo shoot, for the bride and groom that is the big day, the best day of their lives.

That is the reason why in our studios, we hire only the most passionate photographers you can find in the Greater Toronto Area.

I often asked my couples why they hired me and one of the most common answers is that I don't treat wedding photography like a business. That is strange for a guy who has two degrees in Business Administration. However, that isn't really true! While other Toronto wedding photography studios see instead of photographs in wedding albums only $ signs, I truly care about my clients.

That is also the reason why most of them stay in touch and let me know when they have babies and achieve milestones in their lives.

As a matter of fact, it is common for us to offer at least one extra hour of coverage at no cost. For some reason many other photographers and videography companies in Toronto don't do the same. After all, you don't have another events booked to that particular day, so what's an extra hour to make the couple happy.

I often received congratulations on the phenomenal photographs I took before the family and guests saw the pictures. It is the dedication in the sparkle in the eyes that is worth more than a perfect wedding photo. In fact, once the bride's father gave me a tip (a few hundred dollars) before I left it at the end of the big day even though you can see the photographs. According to him, the feedback from the guests was amazing, and that was more important than the imagery.

The shot on the right shows the bride and groom. The photo was captured on the staircase outside the Grand Banking Hall at One King West. The groom is kissing the bride's shoulder, which makes for a romantic picture.

The photo on the left features the bride an groom looking at each other in a very serious manner.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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