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One King West Wedding


This album spread includes two images taken during a One King West wedding in the heart of downtown Toronto

As a Toronto wedding photographer, I learned to focus on moments and when needed, even create them. When I noticed the bride was about to put on her shoes, I kindly asked the flower girl to give the bride a hug. However, often wedding days are full of surprises. Instead of hugging the bride, the flower girl started dancing with the bride. This was the first time when the bride shed a tear on her special day. As usually, after taking plenty of shots of the moment, I recommended that the bride looks up so that she does not ruin her makeup. 

Next, the bride's sister returned from the wedding venue (the Grand Banquet Hall) and helped the bride put on her beautiful shoes. 

I gently suggested that they go by the window where the light was gorgeous. If I can have good light, emotion and motion, I can create golden images that the bride and groom will adore. 

The backlight offered by the window create an ethereal, dreamy feel that completes the atmosphere of this special day. 

The two photos on this album spread were captured minutes apart and reflect two perfect moments of the wedding day. 

To match the emotional nature of the photos, I used a dreamy preset filled with tones of pink and yellow. Also, I overexposed the scene by about one stop and applied selective vignetting to draw viewer's attention to the main protagonists of the photo. Finally, I applied skin softening to bring the image to perfection. 

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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