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Photography by Calin
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This main image on this spread is a view of the One King West banquet hall also known as the Grand Banking Hall. I took the photo from the second floor of the venue.

As a Toronto wedding photographer, I learned that couples spend a lot of money on their wedding venue and the decor so it is very important to photograph every wedding related detail. Also, wedding blogs are obsessed with details such as flowers, lighting elements, decorations, food, sweets, shoes, rings and wedding bands.

When I became a wedding photographer, I disliked wasting time capturing decor elements and truth be told, I wasn't good at it. Even though it has become second nature, it took me a while to know how to photograph those details. I was especially confused when it came to composition and for the life of me I couldn't make the most beautiful decor look good in my pictures. However, I studied composition and especially macro photography and advertising and I became pretty good it. I have yet to be hired by the bride and groom just because a take good detail pictures. However, my couples like to see  pictures of what they spent money on, especially when they didn't have a chance to admire their efforts on the wedding day.

As I mentioned, the main picture on this album spread is that of the wedding venue. The Grand Banking Hall is adorned by Corinthian columns and here each of them is visually emphasized by blue up lights. In this picture, the lavish chandeliers complements perfectly the blue coloured columns. 

The second picture on the top left immortalizes the sweets table, a very important element in any Persian wedding. It is more then a simple sweets table and includes elements that suggest fertility, stability and happiness. That is why this bride and groom emphasized the importance of this table.

The third picture on this album spread features the head table. 

This wedding album spread features the One King West Hotel located in downtown Toronto.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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