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Marriages are fun events and i this One King West wedding album spread, the groom is depicted having fun acting like the James Bond character. Dressed in white shirt and black bow tie, the groom looks like James Bond. We brought a plastic toy and asked him to pose so we can take some fun photos of the groom.

The photo on the left features the groom tucking his pretend gun into his pants. He looks like he is monitoring a potential threat coming from the window. 

In the second image, the groom is actively looking for an enemy and pointing the toy gun towards the window. On the right hand side of the shot we can see one of the buildings in downtown Toronto, which gives this image a sense of identity and space.

Finally, the last photo captures a fragment of the whole scene in the hotel room, namely the groom's shoes and his gun. The juxtaposition of the groom's feet and the gun creates a sense of tension, accentuated by the fact we can not see his face in this image.

I am a firm believer in experiential wedding photography. In my experience, a wedding photographer should not only create gorgeous imagery, but also offer his clients unforgettable moments. 

Even though a wedding day is packed with events, that does not exclude the bride and groom having fun. After all, I want the couple to look back and smile when they remember their special day as opposed to feeling like models on a photo shoot.  

One King West Hotel is located in downtown Toronto at the intersection of King and Yonge streets.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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