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One King West Wedding


The groom got ready for his wedding in a hotel room on his One King West wedding day. I started photographing early on the special day.

The photo on the left shows the groom arranging his suspenders. While waiting for the groomsmen and other guests to arrive, we asked the groom to get ready so we can take a few beautiful "action" portraits of him. 

I love this part of a wedding day when, before the ceremony, the bride and groom are overwhelmed with emotions and provide excellent photojournalistic material.

The image on the right  features the groom preparing his shoes.

Located in downtown Toronto, in the heart of the financial district at King and Yonge street, this splendid building is an ideal wedding venue especially for winter weddings.

The hotel offers splendid views of the financial district, CN tower and more. 

Coming back to our special day, I chose a black and white processing for the two images to convey two messages. First, the black and white gives the photos a photo journalistic, almost voyeuristic  feel. Second, the monochromatic images emphasize composition and emotions, so prevalent on a special day. 

In the image on the left I used the Dutch tilt, a technique that increases this photograph's dynamism. 

The curtain's folds create leading lines that direct viewer's attention to the right hand side of the spread.

Finally, I positioned the groom facing the huge windows overlooking downtown Toronto to take advantage of the beautiful soft light that provides depth and dimension. 

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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