Groom Holds Bride After Ceremony in Austin Gallery
Photography by Calin
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One King West Wedding


This beautiful spread features a series of images of the newlyweds  captured in the Austin Gallery at One King West Hotel

There is a total of four images on this spread.

The main image, located in the centre of the spread, shows the newlyweds holding each other while the guests are looking at them.  This picture was taken seconds after the couple were pronounced husband and wife. 

The photo on the top left showcases the couple hugging each other. On the right hand side of the picture we can see the bridesmaids enjoying the ceremony. The composition is a balanced asymmetry where the couple is visually matched by the girls on the right. 

The image on the bottom left is a close-up capturing the exact moment when the bride and groom signed the marriage documents. 

Finally, the image on the right was taken from a high vantage point and shows the husband holding his wife as they are exiting the Austin Gallery. One of the guests are looking at the newlywed couple smiling. 

This last photo on the spread stands out through a series of elements. First, the white runner that covers the aisle creates a leading line directing attention to the bride and groom. That is enhanced by the several guests watching the couple. Their gazes also become virtual leading lines that emphasize the couple's importance in this shot.

Second, the high vantage point makes the image unique. 

Last and very important, the white runner becomes a backdrop that increase the contrast between the couple and background. That makes the image more appealing according to the "figure to ground" Gestalt principle. It would be preposterous to pretend I knew all the above when I took that shot. However, the more I studied about photography, the more my images improved.

This image looks candid, but the truth is that once the recessional started, I ran upstairs and asked my second shooter to stop the couple and ask them to hug and kiss. 

In fact, in post production, I removed the videographer and my second shooter through cloning in Photoshop.

Besides that, I just applied a few basic retouching techniques and dodging and burning. 

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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