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One King West Wedding


The groomsmen were out of control at this One King West wedding...and I mean it in a good way. They were full of energy and great ideas that offered me opportunities to create a visual wedding essay.

This spread in the album shows the groomsmen and groom having fun early on the wedding day. The boys were acting as if they were trying to throw the groom through the hotel window. Meanwhile, the groom was pretending he was crying and begging to be spared. It was extremely funny! 

The best man is holding a plastic toy gun at the groom's head while the groom is "pleading for his life." It was one of the best moments I experienced on the wedding day and the bride and groom loved the images.

To give this scene authenticity, I employed two photography techniques. First, I used a black and white processing that make the scene look like one of the prohibition movies. The black suits and unshaved look of the wedding party complete that feel. 

The second technique I used was shooting from a high vantage point. That creates a forced perspective that makes it look like the "goons" are almost ready to throw the groom through the One King West Hotel window. Also, to increase the effect I shot in portrait mode and used a wide angle lens to create a vertical distortion for artistic effects. 

Finally, I added a rough grain in post processing to give the images an antique feel. 

As a side note, a few guests entered the room while we were shooting this scene. After a few moments of confusion the guests burst in loud laughters.

As usually, these special events are a rollercoaster of unforgettable emotions. My role as a Toronto wedding photographer is to capture the essence of the wedding day. 

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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