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One King West Wedding


This is a fashion like portrait of the bridal party taken during a wedding at One King West hotel. As opposed to some other traditional bridal party photos, this one is very modern. Each member of the bridal party was posed differently, which gives this photo balance. 

Maybe even more important, the way I created this image makes it stand out. This photo is actually composite. Usually, on the wedding day I have no time for complicated light setups are complex photography techniques. However, this bride and groom were in love with photography and gave me all the time in the world to create stunning portraits.

In this image, I posed each couple individually, then lit them one by one using a continuous light source. All this time, my camera was on a tripod so that I can superimpose all the images in Photoshop. In total, there were eight photos combined is different layers in Photoshop to create this beautiful picture. 

In post production, I added the selected vignette, perform some skin softening, blemish retouching and removed a few fixtures from the walls.

Taken right before the wedding ceremony, this Vanity Fair like image, besides its complexity, stands out through a few more elements.

First, the bride and groom showcase a stoic mood in contrast to the rest of the wedding party.

Second, most members of the wedding party are looking towards the couple, which creates virtual leading lines directing the viewer's attention to the bride and groom.

Finally, the subject heads are placed along the intersection points of composition quadrants.

This image was created in the Chairman's Boardroom at the One King West Hotel.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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