Portrait of the Bride and Groom at The Vault
Photography by Calin
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One King West Wedding


The opening spread of this One King West wedding album shows a fashion like portrait of the newlywed couple in front of The Vault. 

I love to start my wedding albums with a strong image. As such, even though this image was taken later on the wedding day, I chose this beautiful environmental portrait of the bride and groom as the opening spread of the album. 

In this picture, the bride and groom stand back to back in front of The Vault in a scene reminiscent of a James Bond movie. 

I love the blue backlight that complements perfectly the tungsten video light illuminating the bride and groom. 

Every photo has a story and on the couple's special day there were plenty of events worth mentioning. This image looks peaceful and captures a splendid moment in time. Despite its calm look, the couple were nervous for several reasons. First, there were quite a few guests and the bridal party shooting over my shoulder. 

Even more, this shot was captured before the ceremony and you can imagine the nervousness of the bride and groom. 

Finally, one more wedding party was breathing down our necks ready to start their photo shoot.

One of the disadvantages of this wedding venue is that is very popular with couples in the Greater Toronto Area. As such, make sure you build time buffers in your timeline so that you don't stress our on your special day.

Also, keep in mind that One King West Hotel also hosts private residences so the guests could also interfere with your plans. 

To book your special day please visit the beautiful hotel's website.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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