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One King West Wedding

Wedding Cake and Sweets Table at A One King West Wedding

The main photo on this spread illustrates a splendid cake at this beautiful One King West wedding. It is a four layer cake covered in golden leaves. The top is made of sugar roses and on the second layer a medallion shows the couple's initials. 

The right page on the spread is a montage of several images. The first one depicts two glasses in front of the Quran. They are placed on a Persian Wedding Spread also known as a Persian Wedding Sofreh Aghd. The fabric can be made of cashmere, silk embroiled with gold, on which a series of symbolical elements are placed. Among them the glasses and the Quran obviously play an important role from a symbolical standpoint.

The other images in the montage show walnuts wrapped in gold and splendid eggs adorned with jewelry.

Often, the wedding details are forgotten in the rush to capture the candid pictures. That is very unfortunate because the bride and groom usually put a lot of effort to spend large amounts of money on them. However, after the ceremony, during the cocktail hour, the couple gave me one hour to photograph the wedding venue and the decor. 

It is fairly unusual for couples to place a higher relative importance on the immovable objects than on the guests and family on their big day. However, when you spend such a large amount of money, you probably wanted photographed properly. Also, the bride and groom allocated one hour for group photos at the end of the wedding day.

These wedding details were taken during a wedding at One King West Hotel.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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