Wedding Ceremony in Austin Gallery
Photography by Calin
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These photos were taken during the wedding ceremony in the Austin Gallery at One King West Hotel

The first image on the wedding album spread captures the moment of the first kiss. It is one of the crucial moments of the wedding ceremony beside that when the bride and groom signed the marriage documents and that of the ring exchange.

As a side note, in this wedding ceremony the bride is situated on the right which is, according to tradition the groom's place. However in this case, because the bride chose to wear a gorgeous yet large headpiece covering her right hand side of the face, the couple agreed to switch places during the ceremony. The wedding parties also reversed with the girls standing on the right, behind the bride and the boys on the left, next to the groom.

In this image the wedding officiant moved out of the way so we can have a clear view of the bride and groom. It is one of the elements that differentiates a beginner wedding officiant from a more seasoned one.

The second image on this album spread portrays the groom putting on the wedding band on his bride's hand. 

Finally, the last image in the series shows a teary bride trying to control her feelings.

The Austin Gallery is one of the most beautiful and challenges wedding venues at One King West Hotel. On the one hand, the architecture and wooden fixtures create the perfect background for wedding pictures. Also, the balcony offers a high vantage point conducive to beautiful wedding photographs.

On the other hand, the high ceilings make it difficult to balance the light in order to eliminate the scene. I remember, on the wedding day carrying around plenty of equipment to be prepared in case of unexpected situations. In this location, I placed two light sources camera left and right.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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