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One King West Wedding


This album spread of the One King West wedding features items the bride typically wears on her special day. More specifically, the spread is showcasing the wedding bands, the bride's dress and shoes.

I took all three images early on the wedding day when the bride was still getting ready for the ceremony. 

The first photo of the wedding bands occupies about 75% of the album spread. For the rings photo, I placed the  wedding bands on a reflective surface and lit the image from above to get this soft light. To create the background bokeh, I positioned bride's Badgley Mischka shoes so that they created that pixie dust superb effect. 

I used a 100mm Canon macro lens and positioned the front of the lens 1 inch from the rings.

The second image on this spread showcases the wedding dress hanging in front of the window in the bridal suite provided by One King West hotel.

The beauty of this dress consists in its exquisite design and blush colour. 

Finally, the last image in the series immortalizes the splendid pair of Madgley Mischka shoes the bride picked for her wedding. 

If we are talking about taste, Sanaz, our bride has exquisite taste. Having lived in Rome, Italy and being a designer, she definitely knows a thing or two about beautiful things. 

As a Toronto wedding photographer, it is a great honour when designers, actors or film makers chose me to document their special day. 

From a post processing standpoint, I treated the three images differently. The ring shot took me a lot to process. I applied selective vignetting, sharpening, dust and scratch removal techniques in Adobe Photoshop. 

For the last two images I colour corrected them and applied selective vignetting. 

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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