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One King West Wedding


A wedding at One King West hotel is a great opportunity to take advantage of the multitude of indoor photography locations offered by this venue. My absolute favourite is without a doubt, The Vault. 

The three bridal portraits on this album spread feature the beautiful bride in three different moods. I captured these photos while waiting for another wedding party to finish their photoshoot at the Vault. 

The photo on the left pictures the bride looking outside the frame. It is a closeup portrait of the bride that stands out through its simplicity. By using a Dutch tilt technique, I placed the bride's body along the sinister diagonal, which makes the image flow naturally. Her body becomes a leading line directing the viewer's eye to the second photo. 

The image in the middle of the album spread features a somber bride holding her bouquet made of white roses. She wears a fur pelerine and looks very regal. This is a full body portrait of the bride and the composition of this image is exquisite. The two railings, the chandeliers and the stairs create multiple leading lines towards the bride. 

The final portrait on this spread showcases a pensive bride looking down at her wedding bouquet. Her beautiful face is reflecting in the dark marble of the hotel giving this image an asymmetrical balance. Again, by using the Dutch tilt I created a sense of dynamism in the frame. The last photo carries the biggest weight in the album spread. 

As a Toronto wedding photographer I learned to move fast on the wedding day. Often the couples' plans are  are delayed or For example, these bridal portraits took less than a minute to create.

To light the three portraits, I used a continuous light source and balanced it with the ambient light. 

In post processing, I dodged and burned the photos, colour and corrected them. Finally, I softened the skin, applied selective sharpening and vignetting.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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