Engagement Photo at Saint Enoch Square
Photography by Calin
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This is one of my favourite photos from an engagement photo shoot I did in downtown Toronto. 

We started photographing in Yorkville, which is by far my most favourite photography location in Toronto. 

After we took many great shots all over the downtown Toronto, we went to have dinner right besides Massey Hall and on our way I noticed this incredibly beautiful graffiti wall. I asked the two lovers to return after dinner and they were very accommodating. 

The sun was setting and we were losing light very fast so in a matter of minutes after dinner it was very dark. However, that is just another opportunity in disguise as at night there are many looks that can be achieved for the photographer who knows how to control light. 

I set up an umbrella to illuminate the graffiti wall and I placed a bare bulb flash with no diffuser on a light stand. The trick to shoot without an umbrella or softbox is to be very specific when posing the couple. In this case I asked the bride to turn sideways so the light skims across her chest to give dimension through the interplay of the highlights and shadows and then I asked the groom to kiss her raised shoulder.  

That is how this soft image was born. In the background you can see the graffiti wall, more specifically a hand offering a flower to the bride and groom. 

This beautiful image taken in downtown Toronto wouldn't have existed if the couple did not get hungry and decided to take a break for dinner close to Massey Hall.

Location: Saint Enoch Square, Toronto, ON M5B 1T6.

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