Engagement Portrait at Saint Enoch Square
Photography by Calin
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Colour is a form of expression in wedding photography. Sometimes, the colours do not add any value to the image, so they are more of a distraction, hence I choose to process that image in black and white. However, this is not the case: here the vibrant colours tell a story. 

In the foreground, we have a foreground bokeh created by shooting through a christmas light set. 

The main subject is the couple: the bride and groom hold each other in their arms and look, as instructed, towards the light. 

The image is soft and one can almost feel the romantic energy between the two lovers. The beautiful Korean couple are simply stunning and this image depicts them in all their glory. 

The background is formed by the graffiti wall. There is a boy blowing over a dandelion towards the couple. It is a metaphor suggesting that he is sending the couple some love through his breeze. 

This image was taken steps from Massey Hall in downtown Toronto.  The beautiful blue and red intense colours provide the photograph a special and feel. 

The picture is visually balanced, with the couple placed on the left and the boy on the right occupying the same amount of visual weight in the shot. 

One of the rules of composition is the rule of odds: humans are attracted by odd groups of elements in a photograph. In wedding photography, one cannot always create his scenes, but in this case I was lucky and took advantage of the situation. 

Location: Saint Enoch Square, Toronto, ON M5B 1T6.

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