Georgian Bay Engagement Photo
Photography by Calin
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As a Toronto wedding photographer I am often commissioned by out-of-town clients. In this case, the couple had a cottage in Georgian Bay. That is where they met and fell in love, so it is only normal that they would want their engagement photos taken their. After a short break or the couple hydrated and had a bite to eat we went to take a few photos in the marina. This is a candid engagement photo from that portion of the photo shoot.

In this image, the couple is walking on the pier in the Georgian Bay Marina. Although I directed the couple to walk along the pier, I caught them in mid stride, which gives this image a photojournalistic feel.

What makes this a beautiful photo?

As usually, I asked myself why I like this photo. First, the pier creates a diagonal, which increases the tension in this image. Second, the background, though a bit busy, is nevertheless gorgeous. The intense blue sky works well with the red Canadian Coast Guard boat on the left. I framed the image so that the couple is on the right, and placed the boat on the left to create a perfect balance. Also, because I took this image around 1 PM, I could shoot at F16 to have every layer in this photo in focus. The engaged couple is in the foreground, while the Coast Guard boat is in the middle ground, and the Georgian Lake and the other boats are in the background completing this beautiful engagement picture.

Location: 177 King St, Midland, ON L4R 3L9.

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