Night Engagement Photo Village Square Burlington
Photography by Calin
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This romantic engagement photo of the couple in love was taken at the Village Square in Burlington. 

Village Square is an group of buildings located in downtown Burlington, just steps from the Lake Ontario Waterfront. Village Square in Burlington is a place that takes you back to the turn of the 19th century and I can almost see photographers using old Kodak cameras to take photos of the local elite. Fast forward a century and now everybody has a camera and millions of images of Village Square are taken every year. The sad part is that the images disappear in a black hole (a computer hard drive that will crash one day with all the memories, but that is a completely different topic.)

Returning to our engagement pictures, we started taking photos in Etobikoke by the Lake Ontario next to a building where the couple used to live. Now, they moved into a house in Milton Ontario and have a cute pair of bunnies as pets. After about an hour of shooting in Etobicoke, me and the second shooter went to Village Square and found some amazing spots where we took crazy good images of the couple.

At the sunset, the couple got cold and went into restaurant to have a bite to eat and I used the opportunity to prepare for the next leg of our engagement photo shoot. 

This image was taken later that night and the couple is showered by a beautiful light generated by a video light I had bought days before this shoot.

Website: Village Square

Location: 422 Pearl St, Burlington, ON L7R 2N1.

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