Engagement Photo of Silhouetted Couple
Photography by Calin
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This is one of my most beautiful engagement photos I have ever created. During a downtown photo shoot we went to Polson Pier to take night shots of the couple. In fact this engagement picture was a happy accident. While the sun was setting fast in Ontario Lake, I was shooting different poses of the couple. Unfortunately, the strobe did not flash and I ended up with this gorgeous engagement picture of the couple as a silhouette. 

This is a unique photo. Why? First, the sun sets on the left side of the frame and draws viewers attention there. We can see its reflection in Lake Ontario like a beacon backlighting the couple. Second, just right of the sun we see the main subjects of the photo: the couple. Third, to their right, the majestic Toronto skyline completes the photo. Finally, the large globes of red lights add an element of interest that differentiates this photo from the thousands of pictures taken at Polson Pier.

Location: 11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4.

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