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Atlantis is an excellent site for wedding photography. When I took this photo I knew the gods of photography smiled down on me. How often do you see both the bride and groom raise their hands to wipe a tear in their eyes.

I took this photo during the ceremony at Atlantis Pavilions seconds after the bride's brother walked her down the isle. This sweet sweet couple simply could not hold their emotions - which I absolutely loved!!!

As I think the colors would not have added to the photo, I processed it black and white. This Atlantis wedding was a very emotional one. When I photograph weddings I have to work hard not to be absorbed too much in the flow of the events. At the beginning of my career as a wedding photographer, I was so involved emotionally in the event that I forgot to take the photos...I was laughing and crying (yes, literally crying) with the bride and groom and unfortunately, missing great shots. After a while I realized that I am hired to capture the moments, not to live them so I am trying to be slightly detached from the wedding. I just want to be enough emotionally involved in the wedding so that I can resonate with the couple, but not too close to cry behind the viewfinder and not be able to take usable photos. Unfortunately, if one eyes are teary, he is not able to watch what is going on in the frame.

This photo features Atlantis Banquet Hall, a superb venue in downtown Toronto.

Location: 955 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3B9.

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