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  3. Burlington Wedding Photographer
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  59. Groom Looking at Bride while She Looks Away
  60. Beautiful Indian Bride Headshot
  61. Groom and Grandfather Reflection
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  73. One King West Grand Banking Hall
  74. One King West Wedding Bride and Groom Image
  75. Night Photo of Bride and Groom Toronto Background
  76. One King West Wedding Photography 22
  77. Couple Night Shot Village Square Burlington
  78. One King West Wedding Bride and Groom in the lobby
  79. Paletta Mansion Wedding
  80. Fun Photo of Groom and Bridesmaids
  81. Polson Pier Wedding Photography
  82. Paletta Mansion Wedding Photography
  83. Tender Moment Bride Groom
  84. Bride Leaning On Groom's Lap On A Bench
  85. Beautiful Eyes of Indian Bride
  86. One King West Bridal Party Picture
  87. Boy Kissing Girl's Shoulder Graffiti
  88. One King West Wedding Photography
  89. Graffiti Lovers
  90. Fun Picture Bride Groomsmen
  91. Groom Little Girl Chat
  92. Best Sunset Photo Bride
  93. Bride Groom Vault One King West
  94. Bride Groom
  95. Toronto Indian Wedding Photographer
  96. Artistic Image Bride
  97. Couple Kissing Front Graffiti Wall
  98. Fraternity Brothers Singing Wedding
  99. Barcelo Wedding Bride Bridesmaid
  100. Barcelo Weddings Bride Groom
  101. Barcelo Maya Palace Wedding Image
  102. Atlantis Pavilions Wedding Photo
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Toronto Wedding Photographer

I am Calin, a Toronto Wedding Photographer, best known for a dramatic use of lighting in my photography. As a photographer, my goal is to create timeless  photos that you and your families will enjoy for generations to come. While I am based Toronto, I travel in Canada and internationally for weddings and engagements. 

My style is an infusion of photojournalistic, fine art and directed photography adorned with a splash of fashion inspired imagery. 

Best Toronto Wedding Venues: 

While the number of wedding venues is too large to mention them here, among my favourite wedding venues in Toronto are King Edward Hotel, Berkeley Church, One King West, Atlantis Pavilions, Liberty Grand, Four Seasons, Graydon Manor Hall, Palais Royale, Apollo Convention Centre, Evergreen Brickworks, Eglinton Grand, Casa Loma, Toronto Botanical Gardens (a.k.a. Edward Gardens), ROM, Estates of Sunnybrook, Old MillMississauga Convention Centre and many many others. 

For more tips and information, please visit this page specially dedicated to Toronto venues and photography locations.

Best Wedding Photographer in 2016

It is 2016 and I am proud and humbled to be considered by some one of the best wedding photographers in Toronto. Besides being a multiple award winning wedding photographer, I am known as a loving father and husband and a very fun guy.

I just love weddings and over the years I have photographed many western weddings, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Indian, Hindu and Sikh Weddings, Korean weddings, Jewish and fusion weddings. My favourite marriage locations are golf course weddings, beach weddings, garden weddings, urban weddings and hotel weddings.

The wedding photography gallery you are seeing shows a few of the multitude weddings I photographed over the years. While it is impossible to post all wedding photos I selected a few that are dear to my heart. Most of them have a beautiful story that happened on the wedding day or a story related to the bride and groom. 

I photographed many weddings and engagements in challenging situations such as extreme cold (-35C), intense rain, even a small tornado in Mexico, dark venues and churches, intensely populated downtown Toronto areas, each of them requiring various skills. 

There are many wedding photographers in a the GTA. It takes a lot of work and perseverance and every single day I strive to be the best Toronto wedding photographer so I can offer you the highest quality imagery.

Awards and Press

My work has received national awards from Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada Association where I was also invited to be a judge in the 2016 Spring Competition. I am also a member of prestigious wedding photographers associations such as Fearless Photographers and others. Besides those, my work has been featured on various blogs in Canada and abroad.

Best Wedding Photography Prices

If you want details about our collections please visit our  page on Wedding Photography Prices. Our competitive packages are built taking into consideration the Toronto wedding photography marketplace and the brides needs. We undoubtedly offer the best wedding photography price quality ratio in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Hire me

If you want me to document your wedding day, you can me and I would like to meet you to discuss your Big Day.

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