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Barcelo Maya

Fireworks at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Wedding

When the bride and groom told me that there will be fireworks at their Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe wedding I was very excited. Having shot before at this resort, I knew how beautiful the setting is. The beach, the palm trees,  the beautiful lighting, are good ingredients for beautiful photos. As a Toronto wedding photographer, I do not always get a chance to shoot in exotic destinations, so I wanted to make the most of this. Hence this is what I did to create a first-class image.

First, I coordinated with the DJ and the pyrotechnic specialist, so we were all in sync. I knew the fireworks around the dance floor would last for six seconds, so everything had to be perfect. To light the couple I used a powerful video light that cast a beam of light onto the couple making them stand out in the photo. Next, I waved at the DJ and the pyrotechnic specialist. When the bride and groom began dancing, I started shooting like a madman. I knew I only had six seconds. When I started preparing this Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe wedding I browsed the Internet for photos of the fireworks. I have never seen such a beautiful photo like this one.

There are a few things that I wish were different. First, the bride and groom are tied with a glow stick around their necks. While that is an original idea, unfortunately, makes it impossible to see their faces. Second, I wish the fireworks lasted longer if I can take a few more photos.

To make this picture perfect, I enhanced it a bit during the post processing. One of the fireworks fountains was not working properly, so I had to replace it in post production with another one. While that was very time-consuming, the result is worth it. The bride and groom absolutely loved this wedding photo.

Location: Carretera Chetumal - Puerto Juárez Km. 266.3, 77750 Solidaridad Riviera Maya, QROO, Mexico.

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