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Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding

Toronto wedding photographer presents the ultimate collection of articles for brides planning their wedding!

How to Find the Best Wedding Photographer for You

The definitive guide to finding the best wedding photographer who matches your budget, style, personality and will deliver the images you want!

Top Photography Locations

Detailed information on the best Toronto area wedding and engagement photography locations from downtown to Scarborough, Markham to Etobicoke.

Wedding Photography Cost

The ultimate Wedding Photography Cost analysis with lots of real life examples prepared by Toronto wedding photographer Calin.

Best Wedding Budget Tips

The Best Wedding Budget Tips that will save you thousands of dollars!

Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

The ultimate wedding photography tips for brides. From wedding timeline tips to how to organise your getting ready room, you have it all.

Free Wedding Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist that will help you keep

Average Price of Wedding Photography in Toronto

The definite guide to every bride interested in knowing the average cost of wedding photography in Toronto. Based on research, revised and updated.

Percentage of Wedding Budget Allocated to Photography

The definite guide to wedding budget allocation so that you maximise your photography results!

Best Wedding Photographers' Secrets

The secrets of the best wedding photographers are now uncovered! Enjoy!

Toronto Wedding Photography Prices Analysis

The ultimate analysis of Toronto wedding photography prices for the top 50 studios in the GTA. Read this article to SAVE time and money.

Low Cost and Affordable Wedding Photographer

A look at the secrets of low-cost or affordable wedding photographers. How can they provide such cheap offers for budget brides and grooms?

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