We built our Toronto wedding photography price list to meet most couples needs. Still, we understand that your wedding is unique and this price list is only a starting point! As such, if you need a custom package, please check our a-la-carte pricing or contact us. You can select a digital only package, or a package that includes a beautiful album.

Affordable Toronto Wedding Photography Prices

Platinum Package: $2,997

Gold Package: $2,543

Bronze Package: $2,340

A-la-Carte Wedding Photography Price List:

1 Hour of Coverage by Two Photographers (min. 6h)
1 photographer (min. 6h)
1 Custom Designed Photo Album 12”x12” with 20 pages included $500
3-4h Engagement Photo Shoot in the GTA $500/session
Pre/Post Wedding Photo Shoot $500/session
A Black and White/Sepia Set of Images $500/session

Affordable Toronto Wedding Photography Prices

We are confident our packages provide the best return on investment in the GTA. Knowing that affordable wedding photography is important for many couples, we conduct periodic market analyses to provide the best value. For example, we compared packages of 50 photographers in the area. Based on that analysis, we built our packages to ensure we are the most competitive in the region.

If you have any question about our wedding photography price list, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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