We built our prices and packages to meet most couples needs. Still, we understand that your wedding is unique and this price list is only a starting point! As such, if you need a custom package, please check our a-la-carte pricing or contact us. You can select a digital only package, or a package that includes a beautiful album.

Affordable Toronto Wedding Photography Prices

Platinum Package: $2,997

Gold Package: $2,543

Bronze Package: $2,340

A-la-Carte Wedding Photography PriceS:

1 Hour of Coverage by Two Photographers (min. 6h)
1 photographer (min. 6h)
1 Custom Designed Photo Album 12”x12” with 20 pages included $500
3-4h Engagement Photo Shoot in the GTA $500/session
7-8h Engagement Photo Shoot in the GTA $800/session
3-4h Pre Wedding Photo Shoot $500
7-8h Pre Wedding Photo Shoot $800/session
A Black and White/Sepia Set of Images $500

For each engagement and pre wedding photo shoot you can expect to receive about 35-40 images per hour of shooting. 

Couple Albums

In my experience the only images couples enjoy regularly are those included in their wedding album. As such, in this digital age I always emphasize the importance of a printed photo album. 

Pages Price
20 $500
30 $620
40 $700
50 $770

Here is what my wedding albums include: 

Parents Albums

Besides the massive 12"x12" albums, often couples order parents albums in an 10"x10" format.

Pages Price
20 $300
30 $400
40 $480
50 $550

As with the couple albums, the parents albums include:

Fine Art Prints

Many couples have at least one of their fine images printed by one of our partner labs. The fine art photographs are printed on premium archival paper using a 16bit process.

Size (inches) Price
16 x 20 $144
20 x 20 $160
20 x 30 $204
30 x 30 $250
30 x 45 $466
30 x 60 $640
44 x 60 $750

Large Format Photo Prints

Our large prints use a variety of paper such as Luster, Glossy, Metallic and Matte.

Luster and Glossy Paper Prints

Size (inches) Price
24 x 36 $120
30 x 30 $120
30 x 36 $124
30 x 40 $132
30 x 45 $140
30 x 48 $160
30 x 60 $230
30 x 90 $340
30 x 120 $550

Metallic Paper Prints

Size (inches) Price
24 x 36 $170
30 x 30 $170
30 x 36 $180
30 x 40 $190
30 x 45 $200
30 x 48 $230
30 x 60 $330
30 x 90 $570
30 x 120 $650

Fine Matte Paper Prints

Size (inches) Price
24 x 36 $220
30 x 30 $220
30 x 36 $240
30 x 40 $250
30 x 45 $260
30 x 48 $430
30 x 60 $230
30 x 90 $610
30 x 120 $850


We highly recommend that you mount prints on a board or ideally between plexiglass and a board. Mounting gives a floating feel to your wedding images.

Mounting Fees (in addition to the print cost)

Size (inches) Price
24 x 36 $680
30 x 30 $750
30 x 36 $800
30 x 40 $930
30 x 48 $1080
30 x 60 $1300
30 x 90 $1900


We offer several options of canvas prints among which, the most popular are canvas wraps and framed canvases.

Size (inches) Price
24 x 36 $400
30 x 30 $440
30 x 40 $470
36 x 48 $660
40 x 60 $660
48 x 60 $690

RAW Files and Digital Negatives

Sometimes couples inquire about the digital negatives. Most wedding photographers do not share these files for reasons I am not going to address here. However, if you believe you want those files, I am ready to provide them in a DNG format. Why DNG and not CR2 or NEF which are Canon and Nikon's proprietary files? Simple! In a few decades Canon or Nikon might not be around (think about Kodak), but the DNG standard will be recognized by any image processing software.

Your additional cost for the digital negative files is $1,000.

Please note that a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax applies to all prices listed above.  

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How Did We Determine our Wedding Photography Prices and Packages?

Having studied best pricing practices in various industries including retail, car rentals, telecoms, and the food industry, we designed our prices and packages with you, our bride in mind.The average cost of a wedding photographer in Toronto is $4,000 or 10% of the average wedding budget. Considering that, we built our packages with two goals in mind: first, to make them as affordable as possible and second to make sure that we are less expensive than our competitors.

Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter

To ensure that our packages are inexpensive, we used the Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM) developed by the Dutch psychologist Peter von Venstendorp. In a nutshell, we asked our former customers a series of questions and analysed the results. Here are our survey questions which match the PSM model:

  1. What is the price level that will make wedding photography so expensive the couples would not consider buying it?
  2. What is the price level that will make wedding photography expensive but the couples will still buy it?
  3. At what price would our services be perceived as inexpensive?
  4. At what price would our photography be so inexpensive that our brides would question its value?
  5. What is the target price that still allows us to earn a reasonable profit and stay in business?
  6. What is the loss price price where are willing to accept for our services? In business, this is called a reservation price.

Affordable Toronto Wedding Photographer

We are confident our packages provide the best return on investment in the GTA. Knowing that affordable wedding photography is important for many couples, we conduct periodic market analyses to provide the best value. For example, we compared packages of 50 photographers in the area. Based on that analysis, we built our packages to ensure we are the most competitive in the region.

How can we keep our prices so low while offering amazing quality?

We constantly receive feedback from our clients regarding the items they consider most valuable. As such, over time, our packages evolved to include only items required by our clients. For example, brides told us they prefer to print their own photos so we decided to eliminate prints from our packages to keep our costs low. 

Also very important, we automated most of non creative services in an effort to be more efficient and we passed the savings to you, our bride. We use tools, software or apps that make us extremely productive so we can keep our cost per wedding extremely low. Furthermore, we focus on quality not quantity. By deliberately choosing to photograph a limited number of weddings per year, we avoid an unnecessary dilution of quality and keep all the critical processes in-house. It is a well-known fact that overexertion results in a drop in creativity and productivity. By photographing fewer weddings, we can control the quality of the wedding photos delivered while capping our costs.

The most obvious way to contain our costs is to avoid high rent and labour costs. You will not find our studio in the ritzy Toronto downtown neighborhood where rents run north of $10,000 per month. If you think about it, the clients have to subsidize that fancy studio. Also, while we invest in technology that makes us more efficient, we don't drive expensive cars, serve you champagne during our consultations and we often meet at your favourite coffee shop somewhere convenient to you as opposed to a French restaurant. More important, or second shooters are part-time wedding photographers and that allows them to be easy on the pocketbook. Finally, we don't employ salespeople who earn a commission by upselling the most expensive package regardless of your needs. By doing all of the above, we managed to control our costs so our packages are economical.

We are active members of wedding photography associations and that allows us to achieve a few goals. First, that membership provides us access to world-class education at a low cost. Also, professional associations have preferential agreements with leading photography industry suppliers. More importantly, the cost of recruiting our highly skilled second shooters is very low. Also, we actively monitor wedding photography forums to find great deals with regards to equipment, training, etc.

Over time, we developed a consistent way of shooting that allows us not only to provide high-quality, but also reduce unnecessary costs. By shooting in manual mode, we ensure a consistent exposure of all the wedding photos we take and thus, reduce unnecessary time spent correcting inconsistent photos. That in turn, allows us to have an efficient post processing workflow resulting in low costs.

Factors that Influence Photographers' Fees

The most important factors that influence the cost of wedding photography are: coverage length (time), number of photographers, products included in the package. In addition, photographers' brand name, experience and marketing skills play a crucial role in the amount charged.


Time is a direct cost for the wedding photographer and the more time a bride requires, the more expensive it gets. If a couple desires coverage after midnight or the wedding is outside the photographer's area, chances are the artist can not book another wedding the following day, so the couple might have to pay extra.

Number of Photographers

Having multiple photographers document your wedding has its advantages: you will get a large diversity of images captured from various angles, you will have multiple artists with different interpretations of your wedding day, etc. However, additional photographers cost extra, especially when both of them are lead shooters. 


If you want three 12 x 12 hardcover albums (one for you and two for your parent), the cost will increase. Also, canvases, metallic prints, etc are unique products created for you and they are not cheap. 

Experience, Fame and Brand Name

Experience, fame and brand name go hand in hand. It is almost self explanatory that well known photographers are in high demand so they charge above market rates for their services. 

Marketing Acumen

One of the factors that influences wedding photography is the marketing abilities of a photographer or studio. The better an artist is at marketing her business, the higher the prices she can command.

Travel Costs

This applies mostly to wedding photographers who bundle their travel costs into the packages offered. Please note that some photographers do not charge travel fees, especially if your wedding takes place in a place on photographer's bucket list. 

Kaizen and What's in it for You

Kaizen is a Japanese concept of continuous improvement of various functions of a business. Over time, small improvements account for a massive impact on the business and customers. This virtuous cycle makes us more efficient which, in turn, allows us to price our packages very competitively. We adopted the kaizen philosophy in our quest to provide unbeatable value. As such, after every wedding we ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. If we were to shoot this wedding again, how would we photograph it?
  2. Did we learn anything new that can make us more efficient and in the process provide more value to the future clients?
  3. Did we have the right team of shooters at this wedding?
  4. What can we do better next time?
  5. How high were the direct costs of this wedding? 
  6. How could we have cut the direct costs without impacting the quality of our services?

By continuously analysing our processes we can improve them gradually so that over time we become more efficient while not sacrificing creativity.

Advertising on Most Efficient Channels

Advertising is very expensive and the wedding photography industry and often provides abysmal results from a photographers perspective. Over the years, we learned which channels work and which don't so we currently advertise only when we can guarantee a maximum return on investment on our advertising dollars.

Discount Wedding Photography

One of the most common questions our clients ask is if we can provide a discount. The answer is simple. Our prices already include a discount and you will receive it even if you don't ask for it.  It is the pricing strategy implemented by Walmart and it served them very well. A 1% drop in price results in a 10% profit margin decrease considering all the other costs unchanged. We do not aim to be the cheapest wedding photographer in the area but rather provide the best value to you. As such, any further discount would damage the quality of your wedding photos and we are not prepared to take that risk. However, we acknowledge the fact that every bride has a budget and we offer you a referral program that allows you to receive a discounted price should you refer a bride who hires us. Based on our calculations, our cost of acquisition per wedding is about 10%. If you refer us a bride and she books or services, we will immediately reimburse the 10%. In the past, we had brides referred us up to four friends, which resulted in a 40% discount.

We partner with industry leaders who offer volume discounts

If you're not familiar with a volume discount concept, it is very simple. The more products and services we order the higher the discount we receive. As opposed to switching suppliers whenever a new entrant offers a low price, we prefer to form long-term relationships and order from partners who, over time, offered consistent high quality at reasonable prices. Every year we hit a certain quota which entitles us to receive rebates. Of course, we pass the savings to our clients, hence our low prices.

We Inform You of Sales and Promos

In order to keep your wedding photography cost as low as possible we inform you when our partners run promotions so you can order then. As a rule, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year our times of the year when our business partners have sales. We will send you an email inviting you to take advantage of the low prices. Our former clients received up to 50% off extra albums, thank you cards and large prints.

Our Position on Price Fluctuations

Given our vast experience in pricing and revenue management, we are familiar with the model of variable pricing depending on the season, number of weddings booked, your venue, and other factors. Also, many wedding photographers never publish their prices and offer custom quotes to each client. They practice the so-called price discrimination, which is the process of selling the same service or product to different clients and charging different prices, depending on the bride's willingness to pay. To give you an example, many Toronto wedding photographers ask their clients where they are getting married then depending on the venue quote a price. Also, some photographers charge more if you get married on a vanity date (07.07.2017) or on a long weekend.

Ethical Pricing

Our mission is to provide high quality wedding photography at unbeatable prices. As such our rates have the following characteristics:

our packages include complimentary consultations

It is in our highest interest to deliver the best wedding photography possible. As such we act as free consultants for you to save you money and maximize the return on your investment. During our consultations we will provide even budget tips, recommend you reasonably priced and reliable vendors and much more.

Visiting Your Wedding Venue is Free

The principles of photography apply regardless of the wedding venue. However, many brides feel more comfortable when their photographer is familiar with their particular venue. In such cases, we will gladly visit the banquet hall because we value your peace of mind. In case of remote wedding locations, that would be possible for a fee that will cover our costs.

All Inclusive Prices

If your wedding takes place in the Greater Toronto Area the prices and packages above apply. Usually, clients are concerned about any hidden fees ranging from travel fees to early start fees to post processing fees.

Our prices and packages do not have any hidden fees! 

No Extra Charge for Image Processing

We are familiar with the practice of including only a handful of processed images in the wedding packages. However, that contradicts our ethical pricing credo so we included post processing in the package. Every single photo that you receive is professionally edited and that service is included in the prices listed above.

Price Matching Policy

Because our prices are built to be very aggressive, we already beat our competitors rates. Also, we constantly monitor Toronto wedding photography prices to ensure our competitiveness. As such, we don't need a price matching policy. Even more important, we cannot allow cheapo photographers to set our prices because they don't know the market and don't care about our customers. However, if you find a cheaper wedding photographer, please make sure you compare the total cost and inquire about hidden fees. On a regular basis, we experience the boomerang clients. In other words, brides ask for a quote and meet us to check the quality of our products and services. We always advise our couples to compare our competitors offerings. Invariably, after a few days of meetings with our competitors, or couples contact us eager to book our services. The boomerang effect is a clear indication that our prices are extremely low. Whenever the boomerang effect stops, we will know that is time to revise our prices and packages.

Price Changes

The cost of living in Toronto increases every year. Just look at the housing market! However , consistent with our ethical pricing policy, we attempt to keep our rates unchanged over time. For example, this year we have not increased our rates. When considering inflation, in real terms or effective prices dropped year over year. By becoming more efficient, we chose to let our customers benefit from our efficiency. 

We Do Not Target Price Buyers

Price buyers make purchasing decisions with little regard for value and only considering the price tag. If you are one of the few customers  who purchase solely based on price, we are not your wedding photographer. Being the cheapest photographer in Toronto would contradict our ethical pricing credo which states that the rate quoted should cover the costs. We know that we are extremely efficient and our profit margins are low. As such, wedding photographers who quote lower prices either offer lower quality or will charge hidden fees.

In our experience, customers who are looking for bargain-basement photographers are also hard to please. In fact, by committing to servicing such customer, we hurt all our other customers by increasing our costs. As our couples scrutinize us before paying the retainer fee, we also interview our customers to make sure we are a good fit. It isn't unusual to send bargain hunters to some of our cheap colleagues.

Most Our Couples Are Value Buyers

Our typical couple looks for value packages. They don't necessarily want the cheapest photographer in town but rather the one who offers the highest quality for their predetermined photography budget. Our brides are savvy shoppers who consider many options and after careful the deliberation hire us. Why? Our brides realize the value of our services exceeds the price they pay by a large margin.

Our Value Proposition

We are a boutique wedding photography studio committed to excellent customer service. Our technical expertise, doubled by a good reputation defended by our professional photographers and attested by a long line of couples we served are offered at a very reasonable price. We don't aim to exceed your expectations. We want to blow them out of the water!

Custom Pricing

If couples were all the same, then wedding photography would be a science and not an art. In other words, we recognise that despite our best efforts to create three packages that match most of our customers' needs, there are couples with different requirements. For South Asian weddings, destination weddings, elopements, or any other events that don't fit our packages please do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer an à la carte price list so you can build your own package. However, Toronto is a multicultural city where no two weddings are identical so make sure you email us for a custom rate.

Pricing Perceptions

In our analysis of the Toronto marketplace, we noticed that most photographers who list their prices and packages present a deceivingly low price or as they call it, the starting prices. After we calculated the total cost we noticed a difference of $2,000 between the starting price and the prices you are expected to pay. 

Another technique is to present the prices in instalments instead of the whole amount. For example, instead of presenting a $3,000 package you will see 12 installments of only $250. Studies have shown that the low price increases the likelihood of purchase by three times.


Often, new photographers in the GTA charge ridiculously low prices for their services. They hope that over time, they will be able to raise the prices to match the market levels. In business, this is called a penetration pricing strategy and it is used by large companies to penetrate the market. However, this strategy is rarely successful in wedding photography, especially in a city like Toronto. There are a few issues with this approach: first, a very low price does not allow a photographer to stay in business for a long time. Second, low prices commend low respect and the raise eyebrows. In fact, my experience showed me that in Toronto, wedding photography prices are inelastic. It is another way of seeing that at the beginning of my career, no matter how low I dropped my prices, I didn't book more weddings. The end result was that I was overworked and grossly underpaid. Realizing that low prices are not the sustainable business model, I rapidly matched the local price levels. However, when I did that, I lost all my referrals. When a bride refers a wedding photographer to her friends, implicitly the assume the photographer will charge the same rate. When I communicated the new quotes, my clients didn't book me. According to the pricing fairness principle, customers who feel the price they receive is different for a comparable service don't buy.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping Only Based on Price

Lowest Price Guarantee

Sometimes we strike new deals with our partners who offer us preferred prices. In those situations and when we come across great deals for printing products such as albums, canvases, large prints, etc., we guarantee passing those economies to you. While our profit margin will remain unchanged, you will benefit from a lower price then you originally anticipated.

If you have any question about our wedding photography price list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Glossary of Terms

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