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Old Mill Toronto Wedding

Old Mill Toronto Wedding

Enjoy Jessica and Sebastian's wedding photos captured at the Old Mill Toronto. The couple got married at the splendid location on a beautiful summer day and it was an honour to be able to document their special event.

We started photographing the handsom groom's preparation in one of the Old Mill Toronto hotel rooms.

Afterwards our team moved to the courtyard to take a variety of portrait of the bridal party and candid photos of the boys enjoying the big day.

Around noon we arrived at the bridal suite overlooking the courtyard. As usually, we took pictures of the details (robes, flowers, engagement rings and wedding bands, shoes, etc.)

The girls enjoyed a moment together and a glass of champagne. We always recommend a glass of champagne or a mimosa as it calms nerves. Over the years we noticed the photos looked even better when the bridesmaids and the brides enjoyed a glass or two as it removed inhibitions and made the day more fun.

Jessica took a few minutes to read a love letter from the love of her life.

After the bridesmaids

The courtyard is the perfect spot for bride and groom portraits and for bridal party photos.

Right before the reception we took a few portraits of the bride and groom. The courtyard offers amazing conditions for photography when the sun bounces into the walls that become massive reflectors creating dream lighting.

As the courtyard was filled with several bridal parties, we had to shoot very tight at times.

The reception took place in the Guild Hall (A and B). Please note that Guild Hall is very dark and special lighting is needed to overcome that challenge.

As usually, we invited the newlywed couple to a short night photo shoot. We never spend more than 5-10 minutes taking evening portraits as the couple wants to spend time with their guests, friends and family and we respect that. After all, it is the couple's big day and not our photo shoot.


The Old Mill Toronto is located steps from Bloor Street at 21 Old Mill Rd., Etobicoke, ON, M8X G5. The event space includes 16 banquet halls, a hotel, a restaurant and spa and it is one of the top wedding venues in Toronto.

For the brides who want to get married here, the complex has its own chapel and offers splendid photography backdrops.


There is paid parking at 30 Old Mill Rd. and for the patrons of the establishment the parking is free. Please make sure you discuss the parking situation beforehand as the event space policies might change.


The subway is a mere 3 minutes walk via the Old Mill Trail and there are several buses servicing the area besides the cabs and uber options.


The establishment includes a boutique hotel with 13 suites and 45 rooms. Your guests will certainly enjoy the fine character of the hotel and the Kingsway Neighbourhood.

Please inquire if the establishment offers preferred rates for group bookings.

While you cannot reserve a certain bridal suite, please ask the venue wedding coordinator to book a suite overlooking the courtyard.


Build time buffers for delays. If is very common in the summer for Old Mill to host up to six weddings at the same time. As such, budget extra time if you want to take photos in popular locations such as the courtyard, bridge, etc.

The chapel is very dark. It is one of the most difficult locations (in the GTA) to photograph a wedding ceremony. - ask your photographer to familiarize herself with this venue.

Best Spots for Group Photos

The wedding garden is our top choice when it comes to group photos. The light is even, (shade makes the skin look amazing) and the garden is large enough to accommodate large groups of people.

If you decide to take your family photos in the Wedding Garden, please ensure the space is not booked for a wedding. Once again, it is very common for the venue to host several weddings at the same time.

Best Spots for Bridal Party Photos

The courtyard and the Wedding Garden are amazing locations

Best Time to Photograph

To avoid crowds, we love photographing either early in the morning or near the sunset when the light is diffuse and soft. In the Wedding Garden you can enjoy a great light in the afternoon most time of the year.

Photography Permits

The venue requires a photography permit to access the exterior and interior of the beautiful event space. If you are getting married here, the photo permit is included.

Banquet Halls

The event space boasts quite a few banquet halls where you can celebrate your marriage: Balmoral, Brule Room, Drawing Room, Garden Room, Garret, Guild Hall (A&B) the largest in the complex, Humber, Kingsbrook, Mill, Royal Oak, Victoria and Westminster.

Did You Know?

The Old Mill Toronto was used to film movies, series and shows. Among them, the most popular were "To Die For" with Matt Dillon and Nicole Kidman, Good Will Hunting, Mrs. America, American Gods, etc.

There is another establishment named Old Mill located in Ancaster, ON.

Why Get Married Here?

Here are a few reasons to get married at this perfect event space.

  • The location looks splendid and there are many spots that offer breathtaking backdrops
  • You can have your preparation, ceremony, photo shoot and reception at the Old Mill Toronto
  • The food and service are flawless. If you are a bride looking for a perfect location, you found it!
  • Depending on the weather, you can host the cocktail hour indoors or outdoors
  • The staff and the establishment partners do an amazing work to make your day perfect! Visit the establishment in person and you will be floored by their professionalism and attention to detail

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